Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The One with ...the new job.

This is my second day of my new job. I'm still a lil bit nervous though and sometimes i have this sinking feeling that one day the truth will prevail. But i will continue pray to the Allmighty that all ends well. My desire to start a new life has to prolong just to see that light at the end of the turnel. Life here is ok so far...i will try not to say that it is OK OK because i's still new. However, lastnite during dinner i had my first taste of office politics.

Before i went to bed lastnite, i was thinking of what i can do to not entangled myself in this dangerous and fatal web. I guess...being a low-profile personale will eventually help but i rather be someone who is low profile and at the same time contribute as many as i can to my institution. So, i listed down so many things that im thinking of completing today, not to impress my boss but to have that satisfaction knowing i have all the know-hows of things. Do wish me luck...


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